Review: Until Autumn by Sheridan Anne

Steam: 3/5
Angst: 2/5
Trope: student/teacher; Instant connection
Series: Happily Ever Alpha World

This book takes us back to the original cast of the Until him/her series in ARR Happily Ever Alpha World. This book takes place when December is about to give birth to another one of the Mayson babies, and this is how we meet Autumn. Thorne and Autumn have a crazy first meeting, but as per usual Thorne is hit by the BOOM. However, he doesn’t want to believe it. So what follows is the push and pull of deciding to fight or not fight the boom, their jobs, and some outliers in their world. I adored Autumn and the fact that she didn’t put up with Thorne’s high-handed attitude when he was wrong. She showed him the more human side to his career. Not that he didn’t have one, but he didn’t like to show it. There were some ups and downs as expected, but once these two decided to be together and all in, there was never any doubt that they would come out on top no matter what was thrown at them. I loved visiting the original Mayson family when their kids were babies, and it’s always wonderful visiting this amazing world that ARR has created. Sheridan Anne blended her characters seamlessly into this world, and did a great job of it.