Review: When We Lied by Claire Contreras

Angsty and thrilling- but also drawn out and needed pacing help

Claire Contreras’ “When We Lied,” the second book in the Fairview Hockey Series, delivers a mix of romance, drama, and sportsmanship. While the book has its highlights, it also has some drawbacks that might not appeal to everyone.

The characters and their chemistry are well-done, making their interactions engaging and relatable. Contreras does a good job of developing their backstories and motivations, which adds depth to the story. The romance is intense and heartfelt, building gradually with moments of passion and tenderness that feel authentic.

The setting in the world of hockey adds an exciting element to the story. Contreras captures the thrill and camaraderie of the sport, which will appeal to hockey fans and newcomers alike. The descriptions of games and practices are vivid, creating a dynamic backdrop for the unfolding drama.

However, the book’s last 30% feels dragged out, as if the author struggled to wrap up the story. This pacing issue detracts from the overall enjoyment, making the ending feel prolonged. The book is also heavy on angst and drama involving other characters, which might not be to everyone’s taste.

Despite these issues, I still enjoyed the book and the world Claire Contreras has created. The story is engaging, and the characters are relatable. Fans of the series will appreciate the continuation, and new readers might find themselves drawn into the Fairview Hockey world.

The audiobook, performed by Stephen Dexter and Janine Granda, was done very well and added an extra layer of enjoyment to the experience.

Overall, “When We Lied” is a decent read with some strong points and a few flaws. It may not be for everyone, but if you enjoy romance with a side of sports drama, it’s worth checking out. I look forward to more from Claire Contreras and seeing where she takes this series next.

Book Stats:
Rating 3/5
Series: Fairview Hockey
Tropes: new-adult-romance, pining-for-her, hockey-romance, sports, adversaries-to-lovers, deception, level-4-steam, instant-attraction, kink, Sex Club
3rd Act Break Up- No
Audiobook: Stephen Dexter and Janine Granda
CW: Grief, loss of sibling/parent, mention of suicide. On page violence

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