Review: My True Love by Melissa Foster

Steam: 4/5
Angst: 3/5
Trope: Grumpy Sunshine; little sister’s best friend; small-town; age-gap; ex-military hero

Melissa Foster gave me the perfect Grumpy/Sunshine book. Jules and Grant have known each other forever, but there is enough of an age gap they didn’t have a true connection until recently. Grant is dealing with personal upheavals, and Jules is this amazingly positive person who sees the good in everything. I adore these two. Jules finds the good moments in everything in life, and refuses to allow Grant to continue to wallow alone. She doesn’t try to change him, but she gives me the allowance that the needs to let him direct his emotions in different directions. Grant has every right to be in the mind space that he is because of events that lead him to his current situation, but it is wonderful to see this beautiful optimist give him the power to work through that mind space. To give him the push that he needs to deal with personal issues that no-one else in his family are willing to talk about. I love that when these two fully came together, they were together no harm moments because Grant had enough dark moments on his own. Foster treats Grant and his injuries with class and while they are a huge part of him and his story. They aren’t a focus. You need to read this story!