Review: Love, Pucks and Other Stories by Elise Faber

Rating: 4/5   PoP: 5%/38%    Book 1 of Billie Rose and Joel Trilogy

I was excited that Billie Rose and Joel were getting their own story but I will not lie, I’m nervous about them having their own trilogy. I was happy to see them together but know that they are going to go through some heart breaking bumps before getting to their HEA. And the cliffhanger of book one started the cracks. 

Billie Rose is the young mayor of River Bend. She is a super organizer that does seem to take crap from anyone including the Rush hockey team. If you read Bailey and Axel’s books you know how tedious Billie Rose is. Getting to see things from her point of view we have a better understanding of the how and why she is the way she is. We also get to see her love for planners and washi tape. Billie Rose and Joel have a tension filled relationship from the start but it becomes obvious that they are also misreading each other a bit. As Joel comes to the realization that he actually adores Billie Rose, we get to see him step up his game. He was a bit surprising and very caring. Something that Billie Rose has difficulty accepting. 

We get a lot of Billie Rose’s background in this book. And with a trilogy, the characters can really be developed strongly. Joel keeps having this inner dialogue about discovering her layers and that is very true. Joel may seem like her complete opposite but they have similar work ethics and both care deeply about those they love. I like that Billie Rose is not stereotypical but still very relatable. And I appreciate that Joel is content with his position in the minor leagues and looking to settle down permanently in River Bend. However, I have a feeling Joel also has some deep layers that we will have to get through in book 2.