Book Review: Until That Knight by Melissa Williams

I adore the BOOM of the Happily Ever Alpha World, so each time a new book comes out I nab it right away. This book fits the mold of that world perfectly. Leighton Rose was raised to be a pretty accessory. Expected the do what is “right for the family” and she goes along with this until one day, she takes a look at her life and realizes she is her own person. Her amazing brother Thorsten (who, if he doesn’t get his own book I will be upset!!) and her Grandmother push her to make the move to get out way from their soul-sucking family. She drives away from New York, and stops in TN and just feels like she belongs there.

We meet Knight who has left his own soul-sucking (in a different way) job and moved to TN for the break from the chaos of CA. These two meet and the BOOM strikes again. But in typical HEA World fashion, it isn’t smooth sailing. there are some twists and turns you aren’t expecting. But these two never falter. My only complaint is that the relationship between Eleanor and Rose as she now likes to be called is unclear. It is said she is the step-sister, but then allude to the fact that she is a half-sister. But this is my only complaint. I haven’t read Melissa Williams before, but I will be checking out more from her in the future.

If you haven’t read this book yet, you need to grab it today. It is available in KU.


Angst: 3/5 (none with the couple)

Trope: Instant Connection; Contemporary Romance