Stay Here With Me | Carrie Ann Ryan

East Wilder has watched his brothers fall in love and find their place not only at the resort that they own, but in their own lives.  East is still struggling to manage his emotions and trauma from his time in the military.  I will say that East is one of the grumpiest broody heroes in this series, and the Wilder brothers are pretty grumpy and broody so that is saying something.  I truly fell in love with East.  He doesn’t see himself the way others do.  He also hasn’t really every thought about 

Lark Thornbird is sort of the “it” singer songwriter and the paparazzi is constantly hounding her.  Lark is in a funk, and after one night with East she can’t get him out of her mind.  She is also struggling to write music, which is very very unlike her!  Lark’s heart draws her to the hills of Texas where her bestie, Bethany, lives with her husband. 

Lark and East have some seriously amazing banter. I am not usually an enemies/adversary to lovers, but man oh man did Carrie Ann do this trope so darn well! As I said East is very grumpy and broody but Lark also is not afraid to go toe to toe with him and verbally put him in his place!  The sexual  tension is written so well! I love how these two sort of fell into an enemies with benefits arrangement … .and all readers know how that goes! While the two of them struggled to see what they were building, others around them took note for sure!  The way their relationship evolved felt very natural and not forced.  I also like that each decision they each made wasn’t perfect and mistakes were made!  And how East & Lark worked through their problems was really great!  As a side note, I really love the Wilder resort, and the way Carrie Ann Ryan describes the resort and landscape makes me feel like I really am there. If this place exists in the world I want to go!  If you haven’t read this series I would highly recommend it! I love this family and this group of former military men with their strong independent ladies that bring them so much happiness! They are working hard to build a beautiful business but family always comes first!  If you enjoy a family series with broody men, witty banter, and some serious sexiness these books are for you!  I am so looking forward to Elliot finding his HEA!!!