Only One Regret | Natasha Madison

Cooper Grant, we have been awaiting your story for a long time.  A real long time.  Let’s be real, we love ALLLLLL of the men in your family.  Your dad especially gives the ladies all the heart eyes.  But move over Micheal Grant because Cooper Grant is a dirty talking sex god of a dad.  

From page one Erika and Cooper had some serious chemistry that left me wondering why they heck it took them so long to find their way to each other.  But Once they did it was imperfectly perfect.  

One of my favorite things about Cooper is how much he adores his children and his family.  He puts them first and will do anything for them.  On top of being a great dad he is a great friend and so thoughtful.  Cooper loves so hard and takes care of those around him.  Erika is a driven and kind woman that has left little time for a personal life.  But she cares about her clients.  And Cooper has always been more than a client. They truly are best friends.  And have loved and supported each other through the ups and downs of life.   

Erika and Cooper have the best chemistry, not only are they on fire as lovers, but from the start they are the closest of friends.  Their friendship comes with years and years of spending lots of time together. Erika fits seamlessly into Cooper’s family and life.  She loves his daughters.  Not only do his girls love her, but his family, who is amazing, adores her as well. The Grant/Stone family is one you don’t want to miss, and peeks into their future selves made my reader’s heart happy! 
Natasha’s hockey books are some of my absolute favorites, but this book is one of my top reads of 2021.  It is that good.  Sometimes friends to lovers is a hard sell, but this is a pair that you will be cheering for from the start.  These two truly belong together.  They make the most beautiful family and complement each other.  

If you have not read any of Natasha’s books, this series needs to be put on your TBR list.  Looking forward to the next book in this series!