Rating: 5/5
Tropes: Hockey; Single Dad;
Friends to Lovers
Series: Only One book 5
PoP: 36%
POV: Dual 1st Person

After Only One Touch, I wasn’t quite sure if Natasha Madison was going to be able to make up for Nico. But she has and then some. Cooper Grant is the grandson of Madison’s OG hockey series Cooper Stone. She is bringing us full circle to her combine her hockey worlds and she does it in the most perfect way. Erika and Cooper have been friends for years, but circumstances of life have never allowed them to be more than that. Coopers personal life has kind of imploded and Erika is there is the exact same capacity as always but then tequila happens. What follows is the reality that they both should have been living. Now Cooper being a single father to his adorable girls that you get a ton of page time with, makes me happy that he traveled the road he did. But the relationship between Erika and his girls is amazing and they love her so much already because of the nature of their surroundings. I did not read the original Something So Series, and didn’t feel the need. Madison touches base with the characters from that because of the transition to this new addition of the Only One series but you don’t feel lost at all. She hits everything want with this book and I can’t wait to see what happens next with all these characters.