The Killers Series by Brynne Asher

Rating: 5/5
Tropes: Anti-Hero; Found Family; Single Parents; Forced Proximity; Neighbors; Protector; Second Chance; Slow Burn; Instant Connections
Series: Killers
POV:  1st Person

Brynne Asher can write an anti-hero. This entire found family of men are not quite the heroes you are expecting, but everything you want in a hero at the same time. These heroines might be going through emotional upheavals in their lives but they aren’t shrinking violets. They are capable of holding their own. Each book gives a completely different storyline between the characters and you can read them as standalones because while the characters appear in each book, there is no over-arching theme that carries throughout the books.

There is such a dynamic between the characters in each book that you can really get feel of how much these characters feel. Asher creates intense storylines that draw you in and keep you entertained. The friendships, the family, the soul behind these books keeps you entertained from start to finish. The men in these books are possessive and intense, but when they are with their heroines they melt into marshmallows that will do anything to make them happy. There are five books in this series, one cross-over series with the Happily Ever Alpha World with book six Souls coming February 2022.