Let Me Love You by Brittney Sahin

“Let Me Love You” by Brittney Sahin is a romance novel with elements of suspense that promises an intriguing premise but leaves readers with mixed feelings. While it presents the classic trope of a good-hearted, slightly gray hero and a second-chance romance, the execution falls short in some key aspects. 

The story revolves around Maria and Enzo, two characters whose lives intersected but six years ago with a memorable kiss that has haunted them. Maria is now a single mother recovering from a divorce, while Enzo is attempting to leave his troubled past behind and pursue a career as a chef. Their paths cross again, and just as they begin to grow closer, Enzo’s past catches up with him, putting Maria in harm’s way. 

In theory, this plot has all the ingredients for a compelling romantic suspense story. However, in practice, the execution leaves much to be desired. The book’s pacing is notably slow, which can make it challenging for readers seeking a gripping and fast-paced suspense novel.  

One of the book’s strengths is the author’s ability to develop the characters and create chemistry between them. The gradual unveiling of the characters’ backstories adds depth to the narrative and makes the reader emotionally invested in their journey. Unfortunately, this focus on character development comes at the expense of the suspense plot, which remains frustratingly vague and lacking in purpose. 

The book struggles to provide a clear understanding of the danger looming over the characters, and at times, it seems as though Enzo perceives danger needlessly without advancing the story. This lack of clarity can leave readers feeling disconnected from the suspense elements and craving a more substantial and engaging storyline. 

 “Let Me Love You” by Brittney Sahin is a romance novel that falls somewhere in the middle of the genre spectrum. While it successfully builds chemistry between its characters and delves into their personal growth, it struggles to create a compelling and well-defined suspense plot. For readers who prioritize character-driven romance and don’t mind a slower pace, this book may offer an enjoyable experience. However, those seeking a more gripping and intense suspense narrative might find it somewhat lacking. 

Book Stats:
Rating: 3/5
Tropes: age-gap, anti-hero, blind-date, body-guard, foodie, hidden-identity, mutual-pining,  suspense
Pop: 66%