The Money Man

A self-proclaimed nerd Alice Thurber is living a simple life embracing her role as a crazy cat lady and bookkeeper when she discovers some discrepancies in the new accounting software several of her clients are using.  Searching the internet for help with her problem, she happens across KRG Consultants small business initiative. Derek Killion wanting to help give a leg up to small and struggling business takes on the challenge of Alice’s problem. Believing it will be a quick and easy fix, something he can while he is starting a large consulting project.   It very quickly becomes clear to Derek it isn’t as easy a fix as he thought.  He decides to meet with Alice face to face to see if he can come up with a solution. Derek quickly realizes Alice is so much more than the average bookkeeper.  Alice and Derek quickly conclude that their problem is a lot bigger than either even thought. 

This story really has it all hot steamy attraction, Russian hackers and 2 uninterested cats.  Alice knows she is smart well-rounded character with just enough self-doubt to believe she isn’t desirable to someone as worldly and successful as Derek.  You are rooting for her to see her own beauty from the beginning.  Alice is very likeable, and her self-doubt doesn’t come across as over the top or a hindrance to the story.  I did like the trip to Dallas and that to help strengthen the hacking story line.  Derek having in the past a failed relationship does show strength by not allowing it to control him or his desire to pursue Alice.   Derek’s business partners are wonderful characters in the story. (I cannot wait for their stories.) The love scenes between Derek and Alice were just enough not to over the top and not to dominating with in the story.

If you are looking for a story with action and a mystery to solve with the strong silent type for a hero, you should totally check out Money Man.  What I thought was going to be a basic office romance gave me so much more.  The pace of story line was great and very plot driven.  Alice was not your typical simpering heroine; she is just as interested in getting to the bottom of her problem and asking questions even when she shouldn’t.  This is the first book by Nancy Herkness that I have read.  It was wonderful and I will absolutely be reading her other works. 

I would give this a 4 out of 5 Stars.