Review of the Doctor by Nikki Sloane

Cold shower needed directly after reading this book, or maybe possibly while reading this book!

Going in I was slightly worried about the premise of the story.  I am not always comfortable with the extremely older man, way younger girlfriend. I started the story not sure I would make it through.  But boy way I wrong.  It was hot and encompassing.

Cassidy is 19, almost 20, and after a year of college realizes that her high school boyfriend is still acting like a highschooler.  Their relationship is changing, and Preston is not.  He is still behaving like a selfish teenager.  He only seems interested in having her around when he wants to have sex.  After a family tragedy Cassidy realizes that Preston just isn’t enough for her anymore; she wants a relationship with more.  For a year Dr. Greg Lowe has sat by watching his estranged son Preston be a selfish ass to his girlfriend Cassidy.   He sees so many possibilities with Cassidy and is deeply attracted to her.  He has done the best he can at avoiding her and not letting on to his feelings. He doesn’t like how his son is treating her.  A brief encounter after the Cassidy and Preston have broken up leads Greg to wanting more.  He can no longer deny his deep attraction to Cassidy.   The two of them sneak around exploring their attraction. Neither one is sure how they will tell Preston when the time comes.  

The pages of this story are engrossing.  The chemistry is off the charts.  I wish that we had a bit more character development for Dr. Greg.  And maybe a little more background to having to fight his attraction to Cassidy. It was a quick and easy hot read.    If you need a way to keep warm or enjoy cold showers, I high suggest you pick up a copy of The Doctor by Nikki Sloane.