The Path To You | Carrie Ann Ryan

I have been so looking forward to being back on the Wilder Retreat and Winery.  Starlett Bethany Cole is needing to escape her life in Hollywood to relax and regroup after a very public breakup.  The Wilder Retreat and one Wilder brother calls to her.  Everett on the other hand is still working through a life altering experience while serving in the military.  I really empathize with Everett as works to balance taking care of himself, and working. The lasting effects from his injury are a constant balance.   

I really really loved Bethany’s character.  While she is “famous” and so recognizable she is just a person, and needs time to be herself, too.  Due to her fame her circle is close, and so many of those people are also on her payroll.  I think Carrie Ann Ryan did a great job highlighting how a life like this could be taxing on a person.  But she is like any other woman that wants love, friendship, and for people to like her for her.  I also fell hard and fast for Everett.  He works so hard for his family, and he truly adores having his family so close to him.  I really enjoyed how throughout the book Carrie Ann Ryan showed us how much the brothers took care of one another, and how strong and tight knit the family truly was.  I also adored the peeks into the other brothers’ lives! Everett and Bethany had a connection from the start, a familiarness that comes with time.  These two really knew each other, and took care of each other.  While Everett is still super alpha and wants nothing more than to protect Bethany against the world, he also recognizes her need to care for herself, too. Their chemistry was off the charts and it was easy to see their relationship lasting through all the obstacles life will throw at them.  This was another amazing book by Ryan and I CANNOT wait for the next book….I am not sure how we will make the 125 days until its release! Do yourself a favor and start this series TODAY and be ready for Elijah’s book!