EP 175: From Pucks to Sticks

On this episode of Buzzing about Romance Rachel and Heather join Becky to talk all about the Pucks and Sticks of Hockey Romance. 2023 seems to be the year of Hockey Romances but they have been around since 2014.   

Different kinds of Hockey /Sport Romances  
The Hockey Series- Most “hockey” Series are about a team.   

  • Expectations of this kind of Hockey Romance  
  • Teammate relationships  
  • Game Play  
  • Dynamics of being a player- college or pro  

The Hockey Player Drop In (player returns to small town or retired)  

  • Series that aren’t sports teams but have a hockey player in it.   
  • Expectations of these types of book.    

Hockey Player – acceptable Billionaire   

Book of the Week:

Hockey Series Mentioned this Episode:

Drop In Hockey Books

Why Choose Hockey Romance

Authors listed this episode without specific titles

Authors that are One Click for Us
Sawyer Bennett 
Kelly Jamieson  
Helena Hunting 
CJ JAne 
Danica Flynn  
Cali Melle 
Kendall Ryan  
Kate Willoughby  
Emma Foxx- why choose
Brenda Rothert  
SJ Tilly  
Natasha Madison  
Veronica Eden  
Lauren Blakely – why choose hockey  
Serena Bowen  
Gina Azzi  
Brenda Rothert

Other Authors
Hannah Cowen 
Kat Mizera  
Toni Aleo  
Jami Davenport 
Claire Ivy- Wolves Hockey 
Emily Rath
Becca Mac 
Teagan Hunter  
Avery Keelan  
Melissa Ivers  
Maren Moore
Piper Rayne
Victoria Denault 

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