The Sebastian Guarantee by Krista Sandor

POV: 3rd Person Multi
PoP: 41%
Tropes: Childhood Friends to Lovers; Life Coach; Nerdy Heroine; Second Generation
Series: Love Match Legacy 
Type of Series: Series of Standalones
Rate:  4/5 Stars
Release Date: Dec. 1st

Krista Sandor gives me the perfect blend of humor and romance.  She has a sense of humor that she folds into these characters that you don’t want to miss.  Phoebe and Sebastian have been the best of friends since they met as children.  And they have had feelings for each other, but neither one truly wanted to look at how deeply those feelings go.  Until something happens and Sebastian goes off the rails for a few months and pulls away from everyone he loves.  Sebastian wasn’t my favorite character hence the 4 star rating because there were just a couple things that happened with him and his story ARC that I didn’t love.  Phoebe, though, this woman is strong and capable. And I loved every second of her.  She is a little lost, but through this book with Sebastian’s help she realizes that she doesn’t need to change for anyone, they need to accept her for who she is, and how she lives her life.  We get snippets of the lives of the original Nany Love Match couples and see just how their lives have transpired since the series closed out.  There are easter eggs into the next, and I can’t wait.