Review: The Billionaire’s Auction by Bri Blackwood

Rating: 3.5/5  PoP: 53%  The Ruthless Billionaire Trilogy #1

Ace Bolton is an enigma. He is a billionaire from old money but suffered through hard times as a child. He is part of a secret society that keeps things working behind the scenes. If it is for good or evil is the question. Harlow’s life has never been easy. She essentially gave up her freedom for the one person that ever showed her love. She is a slave to Clay Falcone, the man that Ace has been hired to investigate. Circumstances lead to an unusual situation where Ace ends up “winning” Harlow in an auction, and not the charity kind. There is a push and pull in their relationship as they both try to see it has nothing but fulfillment of a contract. We all know where that gets our characters. 

Harlow is a strong character that often tries to find ways to save herself. She is aware of how powerless she is in her circumstance but will not give any of her autonomy away freely. Ace is closed off and mysterious. I have a feeling his past is going to be much darker than even he knows. This is the first book of a trilogy and does end on a cliffhanger. As part of a trilogy it makes sense but at times feels a bit drawn out. It takes almost a third of the book before the main characters speak directly to each other. There are some heavy plot lines being laid down however, that I hope will make more sense as the story continues.