Kevin by Riley Edwards

Rate: 5 STARS
POV: Dual 1st Person
Series: Blue Team Book 4
Trope: Protector Romance; Heroine in Danger; Instant Connection; Alpha hero

One thing that I love about Riley Edwards book is the fact that her characters can monologue like no other.  And in these monologues is where we get so much emotion, and depth into the character and their feelings.  It never fails that one or both of the main characters let loose and allow the words to flow.  Many times, letting out truths that the other one sometimes isn’t quite ready to hear.

Kevin and Layla are no different.  These two have intense chemistry from the get-go, but their situation makes them both extremely wary.  The storyline in this book ties to many people together, and also gives us insight to a possible new team joining Z-Corps as all we some history on a team member that we don’t know much about yet.

There are all of the moments that you want and expect in a Riley Edwards book.  But this book, there is a moment that brings the Red Team into the spotlight and makes me want to re-read this series.  This moment truly shows the strength and backbone of Z-Corps as a whole. 

Zane Lewis is perfection each and every time he is on page with his humor and attitude.  While Kevin brings forth that alpha you know you are getting.  Layla is extremely strong in her own right, but is struggling with the reality that she finds herself in.  But of course, with the help of the Blue Team and Kevin she is pulled from the chaos and finds a new path.  And the tease we get into the next book is just enough to keep us waiting impatiently.