Magic of Alex and Kendal.

Connections and amazing attraction are happening before they even speak a word to each other.  You can almost feel their instant connection the moment their eyes lock. Love a first site?  A vacation fling? Can all this equal a HEA for a slightly neurotic rule follower and a commitment fearing control freak with abandonment issues? 

Alex has total bad boy written all over him from the beginning.  He does not want to be on this singles cruise and is forced to by his meddling grandfathers who demands Alex go on vacation. Alex has a hard time letting go of control of the day to day operations of his bar. The Bar Pop’s has been his haven. It has remained the one constant in his life the one thing that never has left him. He doesn’t feel right leaving it in someone else hands while he goes on this vacation. He has given everything to Pop’s. He has decided at the first stop of the cruise he is abandoning ship and going home to Dawson’s Creek and the bar. However, a Chance meeting with Kendall and some amazing chemistry has him rethinking his plans. 

Kendall has planned this trip, she thought down to the last detail for her and her friends. They are taking this opportunity to reconnect since parting ways after college graduation. Instead of a relaxing weeklong cruise somehow Kendall has booked them on a singles party cruise. She feels so guilty especially after a chance meeting the first night with sexy bad boy Alex. 

These 2 tear up the pages with their public coupling.  It is so hot the way they are drawn to each other and the point of being oblivious to either of the friend (s) that are on the trip with them.  I love them. I love their vulnerabilities. They both fear not being loved or being loved but left alone. These are two people who truly need the love of the other for them to be able to grow. 

This is a super fun and sexy story with the added fun of tropical drinks and vacation shenanigans.   This was a 5/5 read for me. I cannot wait to read the other 4 books in this series. This was great way to feel some sunshine on our faces and take a spring break.