**What is a de-café review** It is a quick snapshot review of a book.  Nothing to in depth just the light basics of the story and I think it is worth reading. ****


Jason:  the rich cynical guy who has been hurt by who he thought was his one true love. 

Eileen: The often-overlooked middle child.  Total people pleaser.  She just wants to matter to someone. 

I devoured this book in one evening. Then He Happened is absolutely worth the read.  Jason and Eileen start out as co-wedding planners and quickly develop a deep friendship.  Both having baggage doesn’t stop them from realizing that are exactly what each other needs.  I very much enjoyed the story.  Jason and Eileen as a couple makes your heart flutter.  You will be rooting for them from the beginning.  This book is totally a love story to Sixteen Candles, if you are a fan of that movie like me you will love Then He Happened.  It is a 4/5 stars for me.