So typically, ok written.

Billionaire Boss: A Secret Baby Romance
by Natasha L. Black (author)

The story of Cat and Brent was very typically written. The story of her long crush on the CEO and his inability to connect with her on an emotional level due to age and position. The story started out really well. I liked the push and pull of the relationship and Brent allowing himself to become involved with Cat. I wished there had been more development or back story for Cat. The story was a little flat. I could have used more of understanding why Brent didn’t want to date someone so much younger or an employee. The brief story about a scandal between an executive and an intern just wasn’t enough. Some kind of antagonist might have added another layer to the story. I feel like the baby story line was really an after thought because of title. The conclusion of the book was very abrupt . It left a feeling of the situation slightly lagging.

The story was well written. A few editing errors that a good editor would have caughts. I got bogged down in the fact that Brent makes an off color comment about her parents being younger than him. It isn’t really possible. Being that Cat is youngest of 5 children. She is 24 and he is 47. Her parents would have had to have had their first child at age 16 in order for them to be younger.

Overall a light fun read. Not much emotional investment. I would give it a 3/5 stars. It had potential for more. It is very much what I call a surface story. It doesn’t dig too deep allowing you to make the emotional connections I typically enjoy.