Review: Off Track by Chelle Sloan

Rating: 3.5/5
Steam: 3/5
Angst: 3/5
Trope: Football romance, connected friend group, one-night stand, friends with benefits, Surprise Pregnancy
Series: Nashville Fury Series (Book 2)

Off Track is a romance that runs the gamete. A fling to friends with benefits to all the emotions of a relationship.  Bethany and Davis’ have an instant connection between them. Davis does not want to catch feelings.  Bethany is in search of her happily ever after. 

Bethany and Davis have a super steamy friends with benefits situation, but once Bethany realizes she is catch feelings she calls it off.  

Davis knows he can’t be that man for Bethany due to his obligations to his family and his demanding job that keeps him out on the road for a good chunk of the year.

One last Drunken night together and they agree to go their separate ways.

Bethany realizes she is going to compare every man she dates to Davis.  She knows in her heart that Davis is her one, but soon she is dealing with the realization she’s pregnant.   Davis must deal with his feelings and insecurities.

This is a story of chances.  Taking a chance on love, taking a chance, and depending on someone else.  A story of expectations in yourself and in others. It is about knowing that when you find your One True Love all things become possible. Each of these characters come with baggage from their past. 

I did think this storyline had so much going on that it made it hard to connect with the characters. I don’t feel like I really knew Bethany and all her hang ups. We had small glimpse but it just felt very disconnected. Overall it was an ok read not just my favorite.