Hard Luck by Sara Ney | Trophy Boyfriend book #4

After a one night stand at her brother’s wedding, True finds herself homeless, pregnant and sleeping in her older brother’s guest bedroom.  Oh, and the baby’s father just happens to be a teammate of her brothers.  To say her brother, Buzz isn’t going to be happy is an UNDERSTATEMENT.  Matteo, a professional baseball player, cannot get his teammates’ sister out of his mind.  And she ghosted him.  His buddy, Buzz is having NONE of him asking for her number and contact information…..but he just can’t ignore that he needs more of Ture.  True on the other hand was trying real hard to ignore not only Matteo but her pregnancy, her brothers, and how all of it impacted her life in the long run. 

I always love reading Sara Ney books because they make me laugh SO.MUCH!!!!  Her hero’s are SO SO SO SO great!!!  Matteo is alpha, but also gentle and kind….just the perfect book boyfriend material.  And he is so sweet to True and just so conscious of her feelings and needs.  One of the things I loved most about this book is the relationship that Matteo has with his sisters (all 5 of them!!!) and True has with her brothers. True became especially close to Tripp! I loved the way he loves his sister, and just seems to “know” what she needs. I really loved seeing this side of him as a character.  And anytime we get to see Buzz again it makes me a happy reader! And let me tell you I was laughing so hard when Matteo was with his sisters, I had to stop reading because I couldn’t see! His sisters not only have his back but have ZERO issue making sure that he knows he is not that special even though he is a pro baseball player….but they will take down anyone who messes with him. He has an amazing family and definitely is a good guy!  There are several scenes with both sets of siblings that are stellar!  I also would be remiss if I didn’t mention Molly.  This sweet sassy teenager stole the show in Tripp’s book and she is back, friends.  And so awesome! Her wit and humor were also on point!   I hope we see more of her……

True worked so hard to ignore what was happening, but once she decided to let Matteo in I really loved watching them fall in love.  Matteo was respectful of True’s needs, wants, and feelings while still making sure she understood that he wanted her with him.  The chemistry these two had was amazing.  SO HOT and STEAMY!  

I hope that in the future we get a little more peeks into Matteo and True’s relationship and future because I was not ready for their story to end!  

I highly recommend this book and this series to anyone that loves a little humor with their steamy books! This entire series is totally worth the read, and I can’t wait to read more!