Breathless by Elise Faber

Rating: 5/5
Tropes: Hockey; One-Night Stand; Instant Connection; Damaged Heroine
POV: Dual 3rd Person
PoP: It pops early at 7% but then not again until 46%

We have met Marcel in the previous books of the Breakers Hockey Series, and briefly met Prudence in book 2.  Marcel’s last relationship imploded when his girlfriend cheated on him with a teammate and since then he has kind of mentally spiraled because of the breakup.  Pru is the type of person who loves adventure.  These two had an instant connection but Marcel has been fighting that attraction until one night everything changes.  Pru has a hard time creating attachments because of her life circumstances, and she felt a true connection with Marcel, but when a moment happens not long after their encounter she shuts down.  

“Because he’d hurt her. And he didn’t realize that he would miss her dancing eyes, her teasing expression, the flirting… didn’t realize he would miss Pru. Until it was gone. Until she was gone.”

Marcel realizes that he messed up, and tries to fix it, but it takes some coaxing and wooing in order for Pru to give him a second chance.  What follow the reconciliation is a story of acceptance of who they truly are and the good qualities they bring out in each other.  My heart breaks at times for Pru because of things that happen and there is an event that makes your heart break for Marcel’s sister.  This is a great addition to the Breakers and I am looking forward to the next book.