The Social Hour is the third and the last book in the Coffee Book series. It can be read as a standalone, but you should totally read the first two, it makes the story that much better when you have all the background of the characters in play. 

Andie and her son pick up their life from their small town to Nashville, after her baby daddy decides to cheat on her and join the rodeo.  Andie is running from the small-town gossips and rumors that escalated in her little town but is also seeking opportunities that will create the life she deserves.  On her way to a job interview, she has a very confrontational meeting with Cam. Their Meet Cute is one for the books for sure.  It was funny, awkward, and laying the foundation for explosive chemistry once they move past denial.  It takes a series of evens for them to both admit that they have an attraction and chemistry between them.  

Cam is my most favorite of the men in the Coffee Girl Series. He is so loving and tolerant.  He gives 1000% to his family.  He has a drive to be successful and protective nature.  I do think some of Cam’s insecurities make him feel that much more real. 

Cam and Andie are very much both type A personalities. They both are super protective of the people they love.   They are ambitious, passionate, and family first. 

I must give big props to the two supporting characters who kind of steal any scene they are in!  There is no one in the world like T.J., however Mandy, Andie’s best friends comes stinking close!  I love them both so much!  They really make the story.   Can we also take a minute and talk about what a twerp Becky is..  seriously that girl needs to be biffed. 

The Social Hour was an emotional, and funny read.  I laughed so much and enjoying every minute of the story. I cannot recommend it, and this series, enough! Sophie Sinclair has a magic in her books, and I love them so much.  This was a 5/5 read for me.