The Fallen One by Brittney Sahin

Carter Freaking Dominick!

Carter Dominick has been an enigma since he was first introduced in Chasing Fortune almost four years ago. Readers have watched him transition from rogue CIA agent to team leader with Falcon Falls while not really knowing who he is at his core.

The Fallen One answers every question in a story that is an homage to all that is Carter. The book starts out when Carter is still in the military and he initially meets Diana during an op. It turns out she knows his wife, Rebecca, and they run into each other periodically over the years. Their lives become more intertwined through various things that happen until Diana ends up in danger and Carter realizes he will do anything to save her.

The plot is full of so many twists and turns that I forgot my initial theory until the end of the book! It was such a wild ride that I was more focused on my theories and the plot than Carter & Diana. Everything does eventually come together and Carter finally gets his HEA. That epilogue!

Dallas steals the show. As always, my favorite parts are the cameos from other characters. Griffin plays a big part in this story because he and Carter have been friends since they were in the military and I loved getting more of their history. Members of Falcon, Stealth Ops and Dublin Nights also make appearances and my heart was so happy to see them. I will never tire of reading about these characters and this world.

I cannot wait for Oliver & Mya’s story!!