Review: One Beautiful Promise by Layla Hagen

I took to Laney and Cole so immediately! They meet in Italy while both are there for their jobs.  It is such a beautiful way to start their story set you up for all the love. Careers and life have them quickly returning to New York to their busy schedules. But there is seems to be this lingering impact of their meeting.

This is a slow-burn seduction of the heart and soul.  This story is filled with  caring gestures, steamy sexy  dialogues and two souls coming together.   This story will engage your heart and having you falling in love right along with them.   

Laney is a doctor.  It is who she is and it is part of her DNA and identity.  Her dedication to her career is what draws Cole’s feeling deeper for her. 

Cole is a charmer. But in this story, we see how he is also a caregiver.

When Layla Hagen writes a story, you can always count on a couple of things.  Charming leading men, romance that will sweep you off your feet and an intense and thoughtful relationship, that is book ended with an amazing family. Her romances are WHOLE Heart romances.  They engage you not just the love between the main characters but also family love and love for a friend.