Review: Follow Me Darkly

By Helen Hardt

I love billionaire stories.  I love that with in these stories the struggle is that the one thing they can’t get or control is a relationship.  It is something that is free to all but these billionaires seems to lack the skill to make it work while most other aspects of their lives seem achievable.  No all relationships are a business deal and when a strong character steps up and fights back and demands more from them it creates a power struggle.

This story started typically for a contemporary romance.  There are some great characters in the story.  Addison Ames, the heiress and Instagram influencer who is the demanding boss of a want to be photographer Skye.  Skye comes off as naive, however I don’t know that is the exact word that describes her.  She likes control and living in her relatively small social circle.  She seems to be ok with being in the background. She has a voice but for a reason we aren’t sure of yet she won’t speak up.

In walks Braden Black.  This man is a force who is going after what he wants.  His own rags to riches story have some wholes in it.  He is extremely guarded and even entering a mutual relationship with Skye we don’t have a lot to go on.  Braden is a man who likes control.  He wants the power.  He seems to slowly pick away at Skye’s control until he owns all the power in their dynamic.  There is something about Skye that draws him in. 

This author has a magical way she tells her stories, and this is a great example of that.  She clouds her characters in mystery and the reader is left to puzzle things out.  The way she crafts the story leaves you wanting more.  More answers, more interactions, more everything!  This is a super-steamy sexy read that includes a little taste of erotica and BDSM. It is the perfect storm of desire and control.  The momentum of this story is compelling but just when you are ready for the intensity and the steam we are tossed right into the cliffhanger.  Captivating storyline that will keep you engaged.  Character connection that have you wanting more and knowing little.  Sexy times that put enough steam of the pages you might be shifting in your seat. 

I am perplexed at this story. I enjoyed it overall, but I hate a cliff hanger.  I was drawn to Braden but there are moments where I want to shake him.  Skye is engaging.  I like her.  I want so much for her and her character.  She is relatable on so many levels.  Her back story and issues with pleasure are intriguing but I want to understand her more. 

I was engaged from page one.  I could not put the story down. I am still trying to puzzle out the characters and am still perplexed by them.  I also can’t wait for book 2 (hurry up January) This is a 5/5 read for me.  He ticked off a lot of my wants and desires in a story.