Review: Cain by Alex Wolf

Rating: 5/5
Tropes: Age Gap, Alpha hole, close proximity, co-workers, PWP, meet cute,
Pop: 35%

I love the grittiness and rawness of the romances that Alex Wolf writes.  I love that alpha hole and the power dynamic that comes in these stories.  Cain has all these things. 

Cain’s life is great. It isn’t exactly how he dreamed his life would go. He thought he would be a professional baseball player.  But an injury and life took him another way he went to college, got his law degree and started his own firm. Now 15 yrs later he is the names partner of his very successful law firm. He is at the top of his game, but is he?  One of the things that I truly enjoy about Cain is the that he genuinely is more than just an alpha hole.  He is not so out of touch that he doesn’t see other around him and how they respond. He is also trying to be everything to everyone most of the time to the detriment of his own happiness.  A chance encounter with the a new intern has him pursing his happiness in way he knows he shouldn’t. 

Marissa has worked hard for this internship. She know that the position she got typically goes to Ivy League grads.  But she is a fighter. She sees all the obstacles in her way but she is willing to put the works in. She was such a great character.  She did not just bow down to Cain’s demands instead she pushes back and lays down her own rules. 

The attraction between these two is intense and raw.  They are fighting throughout the whole book trying to figure out what works for them.  When these two are together they are not just burning up the pages.  The chemistry and passion between them is undeniable.  Honestly cold shower needed once you are done reading it. 

I am all in for Cain and Marissa’s HEA and honestly if you are looking for a quick and dirty read with great characters I highly suggest you give Cain by Alex Wolf a try!