Review: Reckless by Aurora Rose Reynolds

Rating: 5/5
Series: Adventures in Love
Series Type: Series of Standalone, Interconnected Series
Tropes: Friends to Lovers, Friend Group, Small Town, Found Family
PoP: 50%

The Adventures in Love Series is everything I love in a series.  Each story stands on its own.  I of course have a favorite and it is absolutely Reckless

I adored Jade so much! This series needed an feisty heroine who did not need to be saved or cared for but 100% deserved it.  We first meet Jade in  book 1 of the series, she is Cybil’s best friend, and she needs a fresh start. She misses her best friend  but also needs to escape her clasped life. Jade is not looking for  a relationship, instead she is focused on rebuilding alife she can be proud of.  

Maverick was the good guy best friend in book 1.  We see his nice guy, but also his broody nature in book 2. I knew he had a reasons for all the broodiness but also the mask of always the good-natured flirt.  His back story really brings lots of feels and understanding to why he wears the mask but also keeps even his friends at a distance. 

Both these characters bring some big feels.  Jade was so significant in her worries, her joy, her heartache, her insecurities, and her love.

Jade did not allow the ruins of her old life to steal her dreams. She was willing to put in the work and start over.  Maverick was drawn to Jade, and he was honest with her, and I respect him so much for that, I wanted to kick him, but respect.  This story had unexpected emotions and deep feels I was not prepared for, but this is why I will always come back to any story that Aurora Rose Reynolds writes.  

This series is everything that is great about romance. Friends loving each other, shenanigans and characters that bring some big feels.  The mutual acceptance and support of each other is something that ARR does so well.  Adventures is Love is the type of story you will come back to over and over hoping for more time with them.