Review: Matchmaking the CEO by Layla Hagen.

Rating: 4/5
Tropes: Grumpy -Sunshine, Billionaire, Big City.
Pop: 53%

One of the most entertaining and witty reads I have read in 2022. Jake and Natalie are such dynamic characters and their story is engaging from the being.  

Neither Jake nor Natalie is looking for love, but no one told his matchmaking Grandmother.  

Jake is engrossed in building his company and playing out his family dynamic. Natalie is just out of a relationship and a job. 

Natalie’s employment status has her looking to the future and trying to figure out something she can do to make money until she finds a new job. She decides to start her own event planning business and her first job is to organizing a 90th birthday party on Martha’s Vineyard for jake’s Grandmother.  

From their first moment together, there are sparks- sparks neither one is interested in pursuing.  

Jake might be the grumpiest of heroes for the year. you can’t help but fall hard and fast for Jake. Your heart will flutter when he turned on his protector mode to protect Natalie from her ex. Natalie is absolute girl crush material. This romance has big feels, with sizzling chemistry. You should add this to your TBR!