The Tycoon by M. O’Keefe -Review

Rating: 5/5
Series: King Family Book 1
Series Type: Interconnected Standalones
Tropes: Second Chance, Arranged Marriage, Billionaire, Enemies to Lovers
Pop: 15%
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This book was just what I wanted and needed! I love a family Saga Romance. I like the power plays and the dynamics that come with wealthy families.   When the story starts I wasn’t sure what to expect but I quickly got sucked into this world.  

Veronica and Clayton should not work.  There is so much past and hurt in the way. I wasn’t sure they would ever get past it all and find each other. 

Veronica was enamored with Clayton in her 20s.  Believing she had found her prince charming.  The man that was going to put space between her and her domineering father. On the night of her engagement party, she realizes that Clayton isn’t the Prince she thought he was.   

Clayton has been in love with Veronica since he first saw her. His desires line up with a plan her father has for her.  Once Veronica learns of the deal between Clayton and her father she runs.  Never to return to King’s Land Ranch and her father.  That is until her dad dies. 

This is a story with deep connection and a complex story line that sucks you into the world of Billionaire Texas.   This is story that shows not everything is perfect when you are born into wealth and also just because you wear an expensive suit you can’t shake your past.

I loved this story so much. I was 100% all in for Veronica and Clayton. I was hoping that Clayton could win Ronnie’s heart. Dude is a Dude, and he makes some big mistakes.   I have been a huge fan of M O’Keefe’s books for a long time.  She knows how to make us love even the most raw and grittiest of heroes. This is a story that is dynamic, and I am all in for the rest of the Saga.  This book has some major Nighttime Soap Opera Vibes and I LOVE IT!