Review: Changing the Rules by Catherine Bybee

When I returned to the romance genre, Catherine Bybee was one of the first authors that I read. I devoured her Weekday Bride Series, and Not Quite series. The newest book is a spin-off of a spin-off. The First Wives Club series spun from the Weekday Bride Series, and this Richter Series Spins off from there. We met Claire and Cooper in the Final First Wives Club book Say It Again. This book takes place about 6 years later after Claire has matured from her 18 yr old self. I typically love and speed through these books, but this one for some reason didn’t hold my attention as much. The storyline was good, and there was the suspense factor that is added because of the MacBain Security team element, but there was something missing. Cooper and Claire were sweet together, but they didn’t get a ton of on page togetherness. Which might be my hang-up. It works well, and the set up into the next book is there, small, but there. This book was well written, and I will continue to read this author. 

Steam: 1/5

Angst: 1/5

Trope: Romantic suspense; Co-workers; all grown up; friends to lovers