Review: Acts of Salvation (Men of WRATH #2) by Eleanor Aldrick

This is the second in the Men of WRATH series.
It can be read standalone.

This story is an age gap romance about Cassie, a young personal stylist and her falling for her best friend’s uncle, Ren.  There is an age difference of about about 15 years.

Neither Cassie or Ren are looking for love or romance.  Both have so many hang ups because of their upbringing. 

Cassie simply is attracted to Ren and for her it is hookup. Ren who is the king of one nighters is drawn to Cassie in a way her never has been to another women.  She continues to try and keep him at arm’s length but he just pushed right past all her hang ups and protest.  He shows her the value in love and acceptance and letting someone else be there for you. 

If you like an age gap this is a great story! This was a solid 4 read.  It did have some editing issues. 

My only complaints in the story was some of the storyline choices.  We see that Cassie’s issues stem from her father’s treatment of her mother, I would have liked some kind conclusion or confrontations with that.  It was thrown in there, but we never did anything with it. My other issue is at the beginning of the story it is Cassie and her 4 sisters, at one point in the book the author mentions a brother. It is unclear if this is an edit mistake or if she has a brother. It just was annoying for me.