Review: Mr. SmithField by Louise Bay

Rating: 3.5/5
Steam: 3/5
Angst: 2/5
Trope: Grumpy/sunshine, Single dad, nanny, billionaire, close proximity, forbidden, London,
Series: The Mister Series # 3
Dual POV

This was my first read by author Louise Bay. 

Gabriel Chase is a sexy single dad. His life revolves around his four year old daughter and his London law practice. His wife walked out on them when his daughter was still a baby.  He has picked up and moved one.  Gabriel also carries a lot of baggage most of it steming from his own childhood and a terrible father.  Gabreil is very much closed off to his feelings.  Really living day to day.  Outside of his daughter and close friend group he doesn’t do much, expect he does have a passion for restoring old furniture. 

Gabriel in a bind hires his best friend’s fiancée’s sister as his daughter’s live in nanny. Autumn is American. She is total sunshine. Always looking for the silver lining.  Making everything she can out of the lemons life has given her.  Autumn has not has an easy time of things you know she grew up poor and in a trailer park but having not read her sisters story you do not get the full impact as to what they lived through.  Making ti a bit difficult to connect to the character. You do know that she has worked hard and put herself through school and is in London for a job opportunity.  Autumn is very young but mature for her age and motivated. Buying time waiting for her dream job, she decides to take the job as a nanny.

Things heat up quickly between the two of them when their attraction to one another rises to the surface. Gabriel allows himself to develop feelings for the much younger Autumn and she gives into the magnetism of this man.

This romance is very much a journey for the characters. From finding their fulfillment and figuring out what truly makes them happy.  There are so many variables against them even they spend time doubting if their attraction is enough and is real love. Theses characters really go in their own way and at time you are so frustrated with them. I will also say if you want the full scope of their attraction and meeting, I suggest you read the previous story. You almost feel like you got dropped into the story 25% in. You don’t see them meeting or their first interaction. Instead, the story starts with Autumn already in place as the live-in nanny. I feel like their relationship might have come off as more intense and explained some behaviors had I had the first 25%.