Imperfect by Riley Edwards

Rating: 5/5
Steam: 3/5
Angst: 3/5
Trope: Suspense
Series:Triple Canopy Book 3

Riley Edwards never disappoints me when I crack open on of her books. Shiloh and Luke are perfect compliments to each other. Luke allows Shiloh “Sunny” Kent to see her worth, and that she isn’t her piece on crap parents. He shows her how everyone in her life truly sees her, not how she sees herself through their eyes. In typical Edwards fashion, she gives us those hard worded emotional speeches by her hero and heroine that don’t hold back. Her hero especially, when they decide that they are all in…they are all in…no questions asked. No matter what. Shiloh is so strong, but yet so broken in so many ways and my heart hurt for her. Luke went through the ringer when their last seal mission (you can read bout it in Taking Liberty) went FUBAR, and you got to see a lot of his growth in Flawed (Trey’s Book). You DO NOT need to read Damaged and Flawed book 1 and 2 of this series, but you should. Edwards writes intense heroes, and heroines that don’t need saved…they need someone to help them heal themselves.