Vicious Vows by Sarah Bale

“Vicious Vows: A Captivating Dark Mafia Romance with Intense Spice”

Vicious Vows took me on an exhilarating journey I couldn’t resist! If you’re looking for a book that will keep you utterly captivated, this one is an absolute must-read. 

“This a Frozen and Tangled fairytale mashup that is so well done!”

The main female character, Anna, innocently thought she was texting Hans but ended up connecting with Odin.. a man not to be messed with. The story’s powerful opening gripped my attention and I could not put it down!  

Odin, the male lead, evoked a wide range of emotions for the reader. One moment I loved him the next I wanted to push him down the stairs. This romance delves into the complexities of a morally gray MMC, and Sarah skillfully portrays the facets of Odin that can be challenging to confront. 

This dark mafia romance embraces an age-gap relationship, a compelling power play, the fierce “touch her and die” element, a Daddy Trope, intriguing other woman drama, and an abundance of sizzling moments.   

The idea of morally gray characters and the way an author not only makes us fall for them but leaves the reader wanting more is without a doubt a skill not all authors have. Sarah Bale does this time and time again.  

The journey to their eventual union is riveting, and the character development leaves a lasting impact. The romance in the story is undeniably spicy, and I reveled in witnessing their relationship evolve from its inception to its fulfilling conclusion. With its well-crafted narrative, compelling characters, and an alluring blend of passion and danger, I cannot recommend this book enough.  

This book might not be for everyone, the on-page violence and fat phobia are intrenced into every aspect of this story.  

Book Stats:
Rating: 4/5
Series: Bale’s Villainous Tales, #4
Type of Series:
Tropes: 3rd-act-break-up, age-gap, alphahole, anti-hero, billionaire, daddy, danger-stalker-kidnapping, dark, dirty-talker, dub-con, fairy-tale-retelling, forbidden, forced-proximity, kink, level-5-steam, love-triangle, mafia, possessive-alpha-hero, real-body, retelling, silver-foxes, taboo
Third Act Break Up: Yes

I received in ARC in exchange for an honest review