Review: Sweet Talker by Gina Azzi

Raitng: 4/5
Steam level: 3 (Mid level)
Trope: Friends with Benefits, Friends to lovers, Childhood friends, hockey romance

This is book one in the Boston Hawks Hockey series. This is my first read by Gina Azzi .  I love a well written Hockey Romance. 

Indy, the daughter of a professional hockey player who had her heartbroken by her ex-boyfriend who is also a pro hockey player. She is totally anti dating hockey players. She is focusing on her career as a college professor.  Recently moved to Boston for a job and to be closer to her family Indy is working on herself. She wants to be a force  in her field of study make times to let loose on occasion.  It is just letting loose that has Indy reconnecting with her cousin’s teammate and friend, Noah Scotch. 

Noah is a man with a lot going.  His child hood was not the best (however we don’t get much insight as to why other than a father who was an alcoholic).  His brother also a pro player is currently in rehab for his drinking.  Noah had a break with his fiancé when he realized she was cheating on him and couldn’t handle the hockey life style.  So for the last 6 month Noah has just been a flirt and indulging in the occasional Puck Bunny.  But One night before his season opens he is reacquainted with his best friend’s cousin, Indy. 

Indy is smart, funny and beautiful. She captivates Noah’s attention.  They both agree that they can do this and remain friends. 

Friends with Benefits is a hard romantic trope to do. It requires the author to really think about all the pitfalls and prepare the read for them in away that make sense.  You know that for Indy, Noah’s career is going to be a problem. You know that the hockey lifestyle is not something she wants. Growing up with a pro playing dad she knows what that is like.   Noah totally is the guy who doesn’t think he can do forever because of his past and responsibilities.  These two are Romance Gold.  They both get in their own way of the HEA.  Noah has all the right words to say he just has to get out of his head for a minute and say them out loud because Indy needs all the words. 

This was my first read by author Gina Azzi. This is a well written romance. The large focus is on the romance and not so much the hockey.  We do get some small glimpses of the team dynamic.  I am anticipating book two in this series.  The supporting characters of Indy’s family and Noah’s brother just adds to the depth of the development of the story.  This was a 4/5 read for me.