Review: Different with You

Author: E.H. Lyon
Rating: 3/5
Steam Level: 3
Trope: Small Town Romance, Second chance, New life after divorce, childhood friends, single dad
Series: Matchbox Series

Different with You is book one in a small-town romance from E.H. Lyon.  This is the story of finding love after divorce.  It reads like a second chance romance but isn’t. 

Abby Call and Lucas Kade knew each other in high school and were family friends. Memories of a stolen moment in their youth have ignited a spark between them.  Now both are older and back in their hometown-both divorced. It doesn’t take much for a relationship to follow.

Abby and Lucas’ story are sweet but predictable.  I do have hopes for the series.  Lucas and Abby are a good start for the series. Abby’s character is a strong character. She’s not afraid to speak her mind, and she’s not sure she wants children or to be married again. She loves Lucas, but she’s honest in how she feels about these things. I enjoyed reading how the dynamic played itself out with Lucas and Abby. Lucas’ mother was a charming addition to the book, and I hope we get more “advice” from her as the series moves along.

The book has plenty of sweetness and steam and a lovely storyline to fall in love with.   Different with You is a beautiful tale of love after divorce. It is a well written story just felt a bit stale.