Claim Me Forever by AL Jackson

POV: Dual 1st Person
3rd Act Break-Up: No
Tropes: One Night Stand; Widower; Small Town; Single Dad; Protector Romance; Age Gap; Suspense; Close-proximity; Found Family
Series: Time River book 3
Type of Series: Series of  Standalones
Rate: 4/5 Stars
Release Date: February 20 2024
PoP: 46%

Claim me Forever takes you on a ride, but the twist is one I didn’t see coming!

When I open that Kindle case to an A.L. Jackson book, I know that I am going to be taken on an emotional rollercoaster and Claim me Forever is no different. We met Ezra is book one of the Time River Series, and he appears to bet his hard man who is still in the throes of grief over his late wife, but we find out that not everything is what it seems.

Claim Me Forever follows Jackson’s typical formula, but yet it doesn’t at the same time.  The first part of the book doesn’t have the lyrical quality that I really look for in her books, but about 2/3 of the way through… that lyricism comes back with a vengeance and the twists and turns of this book are NOT what I was expecting at all.  

As a fan of romantic suspense, I can usually sus out the baddie/connections in the stories.  Jackson threw a curve ball that kept me guessing until the very end. We meet Savannah who is looking for her sister, and comes to Time River because of a journal that she has.

There is intrigue, there is mystery, there are precocious kids that you can’t get enough of.  This story was everything I wanted and MORE.  I have enjoyed this series, and I thought that book one was going to be hands down my favorite.  However, Savannah and Ezra take that top tier position without contest. 

You can jump right into Time River with this book… but you NEED to start at book one to really feel how much of a character this small town really is in this series.  

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