Callum by Cala Riley

Rating: 5/5
Trope: Strangers to Lovers, Close Proximity, Mafia Romance, Opposites Attract, Hidden Identity, Age-Gap,
The Syndicates series Book 6

This was my first read by Cala Riley. I read this as a complete standalone. It is book 6 in The Syndicates series. Each book is about a different mafia leader.  

Callum is a strangers to lovers, opposites attract, age-gap romance with the right balance of suspense. This book had some great twist and turns. The attraction between these characters was fantastic and so well written.  

I loved Callum and Autumn’s story and the connection that they had right from the start. 
Autumn is a free-spirited nomad that has never stayed in one place for long. She has always moved around with her mother and she never knew who her father was. A kidnapping happens and she is than rescued by a handsome mysterious stranger.  
Callum is the head of the Westies in Chicago and is ruthless, dangerous and feared by everyone in his world. He is so much more than that. He has this softness about him. He is a rescuer of the underdog without even realizing he is.  

The side characters in this book are phenomenal and had me jumping to read their stories.  
I cannot say enough about Callum and Autumn’s story. I absolutely loved this book. I cannot say enough about how well this story was written. I was engaged in this story and need all the things in this world.  Cala Riley’s writing is fantastic. The story telling done by this author duo had the perfect balance of character, plot and spice. I was engaged into this story and could not put it down. I cannot recommend this story enough.