Review: The Casanova by TL Swan

Rating: 4/5
Steam 4/5
Angst 3/5
Tropes: age-gap, big-city, billionaire, close-proximity, co-workers, eggplant-hero, enemies-to-lovers, family-series, read, reformed-playboy
Series: Miles High Club Book 3

These Miles brothers are simply some of the most stubborn and sexiest man in romance books to date.  Seriously I am pretty sure no one is as resistant to falling love as they are. But when they fall the crash hard and with all the drama. 

The Casanova is everything I love in Romance a romance novel. While not always a fan of Enemies to lovers, Elliot was the perfect bossy, possessive, alphahole of heroes. I love that Kate is the heroine who doesn’t back down and even makes him grovel.

I really loved the characters in this book.

Elliot has the heart and temperament of an artist.  His feelings are big.  While they don’t always land perfectly.  Elliot Miles is perfection.  He’s the CEO of the London branch of Miles Media. Kathryn is the IT Team Manager at the same company.

They loathe each other.  They way the fight and swipe at each other is what you want from an enemies to lovers romance.  The steller banter between just charges the sexual tension. This is a refreshing co-workers romance, never is the “I am the boss, she is the employee” trope come into play.

Suddenly, Kathryn becomes something more to Elliot.  Something he is not prepared for, but she quickly holds him to task for it. 

The road for these to an HEA is not an easy one and when I tell you there are more than a few kindle throwing moments take warning and don’t throw it! This was a fun, banter- and feeling-filled, sexy and steamy read. These chracters pull you in and you will be obsessing about it.

There are a few moments of drag as these two find their footing. It was a lot of back in forth at times, but it is typical of the enemies to lovers trope. For this reading it made those part a little stodgy.  It is a pure delight to watch these very successful Miles Brothers fall in love with these astonishing women. “She smiles softly with her eyes closed and falls back to sleep. In the darkness, in her arms, I listen to her heartbeat. And I lose sight of mine.”