Ep 195 The Charm of the Nickname

On this episode of Buzzing about Romance Leah and Amanda join Becky as they dive into the whimsical world of endearments and affectionate monikers: Nicknames! In every romance, there’s a unique language of love, and nicknames are often the sweet syllables that bind hearts together. From the tender “Sweetheart” to the quirky “Pumpkin Spice,” nicknames add that extra sprinkle of intimacy to our relationships. 

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Discussion Points

  • The Significance of Nicknames in Relationships
  • Gender and Cultural Perspectives on Nicknaming
  • Effective Nicknames vs. Misses
  • The Evolution of Nicknames Over Time  

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This Week’s Quote
“Some Might Say the author of his story could have cut out the last fifteen percent, and everyone would have been pleased with the outcome.”

Books Mentioned this Episode

Torin—Princess (Abigal)-Reluctantly Royal

ERin Nicholas—Sugar—Aiden and Zoe— Sugarcoated—

Grant—Pixie (Jules)-My True Love

Nickle—(baby girl)Karmen (nickel..winter travers

Pipe—SUgar (nikki… Pipe Winter Travers)

Beauty and The Baller—Ronan calls Nova Princess 

Haunted Love by Sheridan Anne—Issac calls Aspen this before he knows who she is… because of her innocence 

Renegade by Laramie Briscoe… Ryan Calls Whit Princess

Running with a Sweet Talker by Jami Albright… Jack calls luanne

JE Parker… Redeeming Love Series… Handsome—Maddie calls Hendrix this

This whole series has them… sunshine; blondie, behemoth, hulk; 

Beautiful Pieces Trilogy by Nyssa Kathryn … Erik calls Hannah Angel

Nick calls Mina Koukla… which means doll in greek—yes Maria has a glossary—Hold Me Today by Maria Luis

Violent God by Sarah Bale… isabetta is called dolcezza by Alessandro

Ashes to Flames by AM Hargrove—Kinsley calls Marin Marnie

Pick One Night Stand by Emma Foxx  

Dani – Cookie – Michael is Doc and Nathan is Boss  

Sweet Severity by Zoe Blake “Kukolka -doll in Russian  

Jocelyne Soto 

Jameson calls Georgie “little darling” in Presidential Bargain by Rebecca Gallo ,  

Molly and the Minataur by Bea Gallo Leo calls Molly sweetheart. 

Darlin’ -nathash Madison uses in southern seires  

Darlin’ For the love of Whiskey by Melissa Foster  

Brit Benson used “Classic” in a book called Nothing Feels Better. 

Birdie- Bound by Shannon Elliot  

Kiss Keeper by Krista Sandor  He calls her Heels 

The business card boyfriend is Marmalade or Sweet Miss Marmalade  

Birthday Card Boyfriend he calls her Bloom  

Nanny and the Hothead – she calls him Hothead.  

Nanny and the Beefcake- libby does it to piss him off. He calls her Plum.  

In Tessa Bailey Fix Her Up the guys nickname is 2 bats bc he’s got a big  you know what and he was a baseball player 

Love Me today AL Jackson- my favorite Day  

Until Willow by Aurora Rose Reynolds (Babe) 

Vipers and Virtuosos by Sav R. Miller (Pretty Girl, Angel) 

See No Evil by Ivy Fox (Pretty Boy) 

Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros (Violence) 

Souls and Sorrows by Sav R. Miller (Little Nightmare) 

Magic Bites by Ilona Andrews (Kitty) 

Passing the Red Line by Jocelyne Soto (Papi) 

Hooked by Emily McIntire (Darling) 

What Hurts Us by Maggie Gates (Honey, Baby) 

My Jock and later Daddy Doc Tempted by Love by Melissa Foster. 

Firefly is from To Protect 

Pit Bull is from Full Sleeve 

Angel is from Blurred 

Sunshine is from Resisting the Bosshole 

Jessica Prince—Hope Valley

Shane… What saves us by Maggie Gates… Mama… Dimples

Tapole for Kat

Cooper Miles—Amelia… Cookie… Reckless Miles by Claire Kingsley

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