Series Guide to Tattered & Torn by Catherine Cowles

Tattered & Torn by Catherine Cowles is a small-town romantic suspense series with an overarching storyline surrounding the Easton family.

Welcome to Wolf Gap, Oregon, where the past never stays buried and there is danger lurking around every corner.

Book One: Tattered Stars

Tropes: Protector, Adversaries to Lovers Vibes, Slow Burn, Law Enforcement, Animal Rescue

Main Characters: Hayes Easton & Everly Kemper

This was my first book by Catherine Cowles and I was immediately drawn to the history between Hayes & Everly.

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Book Two: Falling Embers

Tropes: Brother’s Best Friend, Second Chance, Single Dad, Coworkers, First Responders, Friends to Lovers, Extreme Sports

Main Characters: Hadley Easton & Calder Cruz

Falling Embers is my favorite book in the Tattered & Torn series. Hadley & Calder have a dynamic relationship that I could not get enough of. The first responder and extreme sports elements were an added bonus for me.

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Book Three: Hidden Waters

Tropes: Roommates, Close Proximity, Age Gap, Doctor Hero, Love After Trauma

Main Characters: Beckett Easton & Addie Kemper

Addie has a quiet strength that Beckett understands and supports in the most organic way. These characters feel like they belong together.

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Book Four: Shattered Sea

Tropes: Hollywood Norm, Instant Attraction, Chronic Pain

Main Characters: Laiken Montgomery & Boden Cavanaugh

This is the only book in the series that does not involve an Easton sibling, but it still fits in perfectly with the rest. The way Laiken and Boden support each other throughout this story tugged at all of my emotions.

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Book Five: Fractured Sky

Tropes: Neighbors, Age Gap, Close Proximity, Trauma

Main Characters: Shiloh Easton & Ramsey Bishop

This book ripped my heart out and put it back together again. Shiloh & Ramsey’s story was emotional and cathartic after their past individual traumas. I loved the way animals helped in their healing process.

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*Content Warnings: The books in this series deal with some heavy and emotional topics. Please check the individual reviews linked to each book for a full list.

Tattered & Torn by Catherine Cowles is one of my favorite series. I highly recommend it if you are a fan of small-town romantic suspense. The series is currently available in Kindle Unlimited.

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