Review: Tattered Stars

Rating: 4/5
Series: Tattered and Torn Book 1
Tropes: Slow Burn, Small Town, Protector ,Grumpy Sunshine, first responder, fated to love
PoP: 72%

Tattered Stars is book 1 in the new Tattered and Torn Series.  The world of Everly and Hayes, as well as everyone close to them and a few who want revenge is a complicated world with shadows that hold secrets but also promise. Tattered Starts is a story of redemption and danger; there is angst but lots of emotion. The story also has very true to live interactions that most families experience.  

Everly is a such a subtle character that is full of depth and insight.  She is by far one of my favorite characters this year.  Everly is a strong, brave, and determined.  She is also incredibly thoughtful and gentle.  She is unwilling to hurt anyone if she can help it, she is also incredibly empathic to the plight of other.  She is the type of character you hope will achieve every dream and only good things in her future. Everly is not without demons.  She is trying desperately to keep her past from destroying her second chance at the life she deserves. 

Hayes, oh Hayes… words are not his friend.  He is a man who cares deeply for those who he loves.  The very fundamental of Hayes is a protector. He might also be one of the most stubborn characters you will ever have the pleasure of reading, likely serious do not get in his way when someone he cares for is in danger.  Even as he is attracted to Everly he fights it because he is so worried how it will affect his family.

Hayes and Everly are destined.  Their path started before they even realized. It happened when Everly took 20 breaths, one minute of bravery to do the right thing and save a little girls life.  Neither Hayes nor Everly are prepared for the connection that is pulling them to each other. Never has a couple been more fated. 

This was a beautiful story I did not want to end. I wanted more time and more moments with Hayes and Everly. I needed more time with the Hayes’ family. I need more time to with all of them. This is a story the pulls you in and transports you. You feel every breath of strength and every second of danger.  You feel their desire and attraction, you feel them both fighting against it.  Never have two people been more than caregivers.  Ev and Hayes are Guardians for those creatures big and small, humans and creatures.   I had the pleasure of experiencing this story via audio book, narrated by the amazing Andi Arndt and Zachary Webber. They bring not just life but soul to the characters of these books.  I found myself at times physically feeling both the good and the harsh moments of the story.  That is a direct result of how these two amazing narrators vocalize the story. 

There are a few pacing issues in this story due to world building and background stories. At times it did make the story feel a bit slow. The Slow burn nature of the romance makes sense but I felt like if we had more on page moments between them that it would have helped with the slower parts.

Catherine Cowles writes some of the most emotional charged romances out there. Every time I read her books; I am more impressed with how she takes a reader on a journey with a full gambit of emotions.  These stories are so intricately woven that you are experiencing every emotion the good, the bad and the desire along with the characters.