Last of the Vacation Book Reviews

Most of my Vacation reads where top notch! However with every thing there are going to be some that just did not work for me. Here are a few that I wish I had just left off my TBR.

Dear Grumpy Boss by Julia Wolf
Rating 2/5
Tropes: Sibling’s best friend, co-workers, Boss/employee, Real Body Heroine, Childhood Crush

I wanted to love this book. All the elements I love where there. But by 50% I was so frustrated in not in a good way. Our hero is a workaholic and thoughtless towards basic courtesy. His tunnel vision and lack of interest to the heroine really made it hard to cheer on this relationship. The hung up of being his best friend’s little sister constantly being thrown out at the reason they can’t be together extinguished the chemistry and tension between them.
Our heroine had all the makings to be a fierce and own the room but instead she kept giving in and not saying anything. I just wanted her to project her desire louder and own her desires.
Typically this author embraces the curvy (plus size heroine) but in this book it was so toned down I was disappointed. This time it just seemed focused on her chest size and not other curvy aspects.
I made it to 60% before I just started skimming the rest. The book did not hold my interest and I was just so irritated.
Overall a very disappointing read.

Dirty Truths (Boston Billionaires, #4) by Brittanee Nicole
Rating: 1/5

I am not sure why I try. I made it 25% and it was not working. Too many characters and connections not explained. I did try to read this without reading the previous books. The author gives to much detail and gets lost in them. It was difficult to figure out what was needed and what was filler. None of the characters where likeable. Also I do think there are timeline discrepancies and inconsistent characters.