Up In Flames | Eden Finley & Saxon James

This book was one I am sure all readers knew we needed after Foolish Puckboy.  I for one am glad that Eden Finley and Saxon James agreed….or thank you Sanden and Remy for demanding a book!  If you are new to the world of Eden Finley and Saxon James, welcome!  Buckle up for some seriously amazing banter, loveable flawed characters, and a whole lot of sexual tension.  It is literally their specialty.  

Sanden and Remy have been friends or acquaintances for years.  Both work at fire stations and are around each other for work.  When Remy finds himself left at the altar, Sanden steps in to support him … .by going on Remy’s honeymoon with him (obviously).  Sanden has known for years that Remy’s ex did not deserve him.  The banter, the sexual tension and the way we get to meet these characters in this tropical setting  was amazing.  Remy has a giant heart and is so very sweet.  Sanden is also just an all around good guy! 

I will be honest, I was not prepared for the deep emotions that this book offered us.  Remy and Sanden are both struggling, in their own way and with different things.  How this author duo handled and brought to light some seriously difficult topics with care, but also action was done brilliantly.  Sometimes, you have to work to be a better version of yourself so you have something to offer a partner.  These two not only worked hard on their relationship but also on themselves, and it was amazing to read.  While there are parts of this book that are “heavy” there is also a lot of humor and laughs.  This book has it all, left at the altar, friends to lovers, workplace romance, so much heart and SO.MUCH character growth!