Review: Burning Love by Elizabeth Lynx

I absolutely adored Burning Love. Bea is this amazingly story character.  Bea has a charm about her that has anyone in her presence falling under her spell.   Bea’s evolution through the story from high maintenance to a very approachable character. You will immediately fall in love with Mica. There is something magical about his personality.  As you get to know Micha, you realize he has good reasons to be the way he is.  He has such a gentleness with his niece.   Bea and Mica are meant to be together. Their bickering added color to the plot, but when they got down to the good stuff, it wasn’t just burning love, it was scorching. You can feel the heat of there intensity coming off the pages.   Bea and Micha also have this amazing connection. There is something so special about their relationship.

Elizabeth Lynx is an amazing storyteller and bring so much to this sexy romcom series Lost & Found. Ms. Lynx brings real situations to fiction, some of them we don’t even think about, situations that need a voice.  And this author knows just how to bring that up with lightness but sending the right message. It is a delightful easy read with laugh out loud moments.  This is a 4/5 read for me.  Do yourself a favor and check out the Lost & Found Series.