Review: Shattered Sea by Catherine Cowles

Rating: 5/5
Series of Standalones
Tattered and Torn Book #4
Tropes: Hollywood star, small town, slow burn, instant attraction, shy, snowed in together, suspense, audiobook, chronic illness,
Pop: 59%
CW: Grief, Tragic Accident, Drug abuse

The Tattered and Torn Series has been a highlight of 2022.  Each story just affirms my love of the authors writing and the stories she tells.  I was hesitant going into this story. I was unsure where we were going since the couple was just minorly connected to the main Family in the series.  I was so happy when I finished this story. It was what I did not even know I needed with in this series. The raw emotion and grief of this story was eloquent. The beauty to which the characters grown not just in a relationship but in their personal journey. 

Boden and Laiken are both living with in the ashes of grief.  Laiken for 10 years and Boden for 6 month. Both have suffered loss. When their souls meet and connect it ignites an inferno. They for the first time start to feel. The ashes clouding their view of the world start to blow away and show the possibilities and the future. They both have the hope and see the future is within their grasp.  

Boden was just the hero that Laiken needed. The town of Wolf Gap has a special quality that allows people heal and move forward with their life, is it the mountain air? I love the Boden was not perfect. That he came to Wolf Gap with his own baggage. That even though he is this huge movie star his life is not with out it’s cracks and troubles. 

Of course Cowles has to take us on an emotional roller coaster, she really like trauma, but I am all in on it. If you are looking for a powerful romance with some suspense in it I highly recommend this story. 

I listened to the audiobook read by Sebastian York and Ava Erickson.  Sebastian is my unicorn narrator.. he reads it I am listening.  This whole audio series is amazing! It absolutely worth a listen..