Fake it till you make it.

Release Date: April 20


Sloane De Carlo is going to have to move to Antarctica.
As if it wasn’t bad enough that she accidentally made her private blog very public, and all her innermost secrets and embarrassing moments are trending, now the entirety of the Internet is dying to know who her all-consuming, never-get-over-him crush “Guy” really is. She’s even got a literary agent dangling a book deal in front of her nose—but there’s a catch. She’ll have to get closure with “Guy” and give her story that pitch-perfect ending.
Too bad the real “Guy” is engaged to someone else. #Blessed
The only person in her teeny hometown of Arbor Bay who knows the truth is local bartender Brady Knox. And he’s not telling…for a price. He’ll pretend to be Sloane’s “Guy” if she’ll use her newfound Internet fame to bring more business to his struggling local bar. Brady’s always been a lone wolf, but there’s something about the pint-sized, supremely awkward, yet beautiful Sloane that charms him.
But keeping secrets in a small town like Arbor Bay isn’t easy. And Brady was never meant to be the guy for a pitch-perfect ending…
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Meet Anne Harper
Anne Harper writes romantic comedy that embodies the shenanigans of an I Love Lucy episode and the awkwardness of saying “you too” after the waiter tells you to enjoy your meal. She lives in South Alabama with her husband, their three cats, and a humidity that threatens to destroy them all. Anne is an advocate for coffee, selfies, and adoption from foster care. When she isn’t dreaming about meeting her future kiddos, she’s getting herself into wild situations and hilarious misunderstandings. #ItsFine 


Anne is represented by Jill Marsal of Marsal Lyon Literary Agency.
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The House Review for FITYMI

Fake It Till You Make It (FITYMI)  is  a very quick and easy read. 

The Characters are dramatic, quirky and simply delightful. Brady is such a great multi-dimensional well-developed character.  He is completely a likeable good guy.  Sloane is funny and quirky.  Again, a well thought out character.   I really enjoyed both characters.  The supporting characters are also wonderful in this book. You have Sloane’s brother Callum and best friend Emma; they really help round out the story.  (Side note: I sure hope they get their own book!)

The starts with an overly dramatic Sloane sharing with Emma about her drunken mistake of publicizing her online journal, and it goes viral overnight! The one post on her blog that seems to have everyone’s attention is her blog about “Guy”.  “Guy” is the guy Sloane had a massive crush on since high school. The one she has secretly pined away for.  Sloane hasn’t event shared her love of “Guy” with her best friend, Emma read about it like everyone else on the viral Blog post! There is only person in the whole world who happens to know her secret is the town bartender Brady. One night a little over a year before she drunkenly spilled her guts to a year ago. Everyone in her small town, on the internet and a literary agent all want to know who guy is.  Sloane, finding herself in a difficult situation, Brady–who just found out his ex is newly engaged to Sloane’s “guy” offers to help Sloane by pretending to be “Guy” and fake a relationship.

The trope of the novel is Fake relationship, but with its own twist! It was an enjoyable read. There is plenty of chemistry in this book.  It isn’t overtly sexual, but it absolutely delivers on the romance end of the story.  Several LOL moments along with a few snickers here and there. 

For a debut offering Anne Harper has an amazing pose and sense of character.  I was shocked to learn this was her first novel. It was so well written and thought out. I can’t wait to see what other books from Ms. Harper. 

I really enjoyed reading FITYMI. As a big fan of Rom-Com and the Nora Ephron effect on romance this book is that plus a little extra.  This was a 4.5/5 read for me.  It should be added to your TBR list for this spring/summer of 2020.