Review of Weekend Wife

If you love Hallmark Movies, Crazy relatives and chocolate chip pancakes you will fall in love with Grant and Leah.  Leah is living her best life pursuing her dreams. Working as a singing waitress until Leah can get her break on to Broadway. Every Wednesday sexy Grant comes into her diner and orders breakfast.  Keeping his head down and trying not to ogle the waitress Grant believes he isn’t someone who can be loved.  These two have chemistry from the start. You will be rooting for them the whole time.  Throw in a Virgin Slims smoking grandmother and a super bitchy mother and you will not be able to control the laughs.  This is a great book to cuddle up on the couch with a warm blanket and spend the day falling in love. 

Erin McCarthy sure knows how to grab the moments and make you root for love.  Erin creates a world full of great characters. The story is full of sexual tension and flirtation without being over the top.  The story is fun, sexy and flirty.  What a fun sassy story to read.